Review & Preparation Course for the Board of Surgical Assistants (BSA) - Certified (SA-C) Examination.

A Surgical Assistant assists in operations, under the supervision of surgeons. May, in accordance with state laws, help surgeons to make incisions and close surgical sites, manipulate or remove tissues, implant surgical devices or drains, suction the surgical site, place catheters, clamp or cauterize vessels or tissue, and apply dressings to the surgical site.

This course will give you the edge you need to pass the NCLEX exam on the first trial. It will provide the tools necessary to successfully achieve your goal. This comprehensive review and preparation course includes test-taking strategies, critical thinking exercises, interactive discussion and practice, practice, practice.

The professors for this course are experienced professionals both as nurses as well as instructors. Their main goal is to give you the training and guidance that will assure your success.

The Medical Billing and Coding course provides you the skills you need to work as a medical coding and billing professional.


  • ICD-10 and CPT coding books   
  • Unlimited tutoring and instructor support
  • Certification-aligned study guides
  • Career and time management guides